Mobile Device Recovery

Yes! We Recover Data From Mobile Devices!

Your phone won’t boot! The screen went blank! Your touchscreen stopped working! You have a broken USB port! Your phone looks corrupted! Your phone keeps rebooting! Your 9 year old changed your passcode! You forgot your new passcode!!

Broken phones that are not worth the cost to repair, are often candidates for Data Recovery services.

Or perhaps, like many folks, you have a drawer full of all your old cell phones and devices.  Do you remember all the great times that were captured on your old devices?  We can extract all your data and bring those memories back to life! 

We recover all content. Including:  SMS, Phonebook,  MMS, eMail, IM Chat, Calendar, Pictures, Audio/Music, Videos, Ringtones, Call Logs, all app data, Geolocation data, filesystem artifacts, and timeline data. Recovered data may also include items that had been previously deleted or uninstalled.

Did your device suddenly stop working?  In many cases, even seemingly “dead” devices can be recovered!

Contact us with the model number of your device to find out more. We service a wide range of mobile devices, including Cellphones, iPads, Tablets, GPS Units, PDA’s, Drones, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not repair mobile devices. We only extract the data from your device. We do not offer repair services of any type. This includes devices that require disassembly in order to obtain the stored data. We do not reassemble non-working, or dismantled devices,

Mobile Forensics

 We can also assist with your eDiscovery needs, Services include unlock, acquisition. analysis, and client specific reporting formats.