Flash Data Recovery

Data Recovery from USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards & Mobile Storage Devices

Level 1 UFD Flat Rate: 


Broken Connector

Logical File Corruption

Missing Files or Folders

 This is a temporary fix to recover data!

This is not a USB Flash Drive repair!

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**

Level 2 UFD Flat Rate: 


Failed Flash Media Devices

 Flash Device no longer recognized by O/S

Chip-Off Data Recovery

(up to 2 chips***)

No reassembly of failed Flash Media

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**


We currently offer Data Recovery Services for the following types of Flash Media Devices:

UFD (USB Flash Drive)   SD (Secure Digital Card)   CF (Compact Flash)    microSD (micro Secure Digital Card)   MS (Memory Stick)   xD   Monolithic Flash Media   MMC (Multi Media Card)   Voice Recorders, eMMC, and more!

Feel free to contact us about any device not listed!

Flash Media

Yes! We can recover the files from your failed or broken Flash Media!

The two most common candidates are devices with broken connectors and/or failed controller chips.

Broken USB Connector

USB Flash Drives with broken connectors are LEVEL 1 UFD Flat Rate Cases. 

This means we will recover your data by microsoldering temporary wire bridge connections to the circuit board of your flash drive. Once complete, we’ll copy all your data to the Return Media Device type you specify. 

This service is a great value, especially if your flash device has been damaged due to a previous repair attempt or even if the connector has been completely broken off.

All Flash Media Devices are subject to microscopic inspection to ensure the highest quality of service. All Quoted Flat Rates [QFR’s] are provided post-inspection. Once we issue your QFR, you can be confident your data recovery cost will not increase. There are no hidden costs.

In some cases we may provide images captured during the microscopic inspection, in an effort to provide clear documentation of the physical condition of your device. These images are also helpful in conveying the facts used to determine your QFR. 

We strive to provide complete transparency in every aspect of your case.


This is not a Flash Drive Repair Service! We do not repair your Flash Drive! 

We only recover the data from your flash media!


Failed Controller Chip

Flash Devices with failed controllers are LEVEL 2 UFD Flat Rate Cases.

A clear indication that the controller chip in your flash drive has failed is when your flash drive is no longer recognized when plugged into a computer. You may also notice the LED no longer blinks when it’s plugged in. Another example are media cards that are no longer recognized by the camera.  

Many forms of flash media utilize controller chips to organize the data stored in their NAND memory. No two controller chip models are alike. They are not interchangeable, so only an exact match of the original controller chip will be able to successfully reassemble the data back into its original (user readable) form.

Replacing the controller chip is sometimes easier said than done. Success depends entirely upon the availability of a matching replacement. If a matching donor or replacement part is available, the controller chip can be swapped out via routine Chip-Off procedure, and the job can be completed quickly.

What Happens When We Can’t Find a Replacement Controller Chip?

In some cases it may not be possible to obtain a donor drive or replacement controller chip that matches your device. We also realize that you may not have the time to wait as we attempt to locate a suitable replacement. 

Now what?  

 Chip-Off Data Recovery  

 We can recover the data from your failed Flash Drive or Memory Card even when the controller chip you need is officially unobtainium !

World Class Flash Recovery Capability

We use State of the Art Professional Flash  Recovery hardware. The PC-3000 Flash is capable of identifying and reading NAND Flash Memory chips, and creating memory dump files of their contents.

The PC-3000 Flash also includes a comprehensive library containing the parameter settings for practically every NAND controller chip and layout known to mankind. ACELab’s flash database is extensive, and always up-to-date with the latest flash controller solutions.

 Once your NAND chip(s) have been unsoldered from the circuit board, they are ID’d and read into the PC-3000 system. At this point the tool creates a matching “Virtual” NAND controller chip via software, enabling the technician to reassemble the data back into it’s original user readable form, as if we had an actual working physical controller chip!

Yes! We can recover your MicroSD card and other Monolithic Flash Media! 

 At PC Data Insights we have the right tools to recover your Flash Memory data!

Fast and Efficient Service!

 Chip-Off Data Recovery in Norwalk, CA 90650