Forensic Data Extraction


eDiscovery – Forensic Data Extraction

Many of today’s most widely used electronic devices store information on internal hard drives or digital memory chips. These devices often hold key digital evidence that can aid in an investigation or legal dispute. Evidence including documents, communications, contacts, photos, search history, geolocation data, timeline data, and much more, can be extracted and reported in industry standard formats.

Powerful Tools and Technology to Aid Your Investigations

We use the latest tools and technology to extract all electronically stored information from Computer Hard Drives, Mobile Devices, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, and many other types of digital storage devices. We have a very high success rate even when the subject device is in a non-working, or damaged condition. We can extract data from the majority of damaged device cases as long as the electronic memory components themselves are still intact.

Our Forensic DR reporting includes a complete timeline for all communications, file system changes, hidden, altered, or deleted files, personal files, passwords, images, web and search history, connected USB devices, and much much more. Timeline data is cross referenced against Geolocation data stored on the subject device to create a clear presentation of the facts in evidence.

Forensic Data Recovery will yield powerful facts that can be vital to winning many different types of cases. We recover Forensic data from both healthy, functioning devices, as well as broken and/or malfunctioning digital storage media.

We extract the facts that prove or disprove the disputed issues in a case. Data recovered from electronic devices can be used to reconstruct events in the days surrounding an incident or event under investigation.

Forensic Data Recovery casework ranges from Criminal, to Business, Custody, Divorce, Civil Disputes, Family Matters, Missing Persons, Lawsuits, Insurance Claims, and General Data Recovery. We use industry standard ‘write blocked’ hardware and software solutions that are engineered to maintain the integrity of the original data.

We can export Forensic DR results into several output file formats including: *.E01 ; *.aff ; *.s01 ; *.001