Data Recovery FAQ

Data Recovery FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes and no, it depends on the situation.

Files deleted from your SSD have the best possibility of recovery if any of these conditions apply: 

1) The TRIM command has not run after you deleted your file (and you immediately disconnected the SSD)

2) The cause of your data loss is due to ‘Logical Corruption (not an intentional deletion)

3) TRIM is disabled, or is not supported by your SSD. 

4) Your SSD was connected as a USB external drive. 

If your SSD is external, and connects to your computer via a USB drive enclosure, your files may be recoverable, as the TRIM command does not work through USB connections. Apple users: If your external drive is a third party SSD connected via Thunderbolt there’s a possibility that TRIM is not enabled. TRIM is disabled by default in the Mac OS. Here’s a link to a video showing how to check if TRIM is enabled for your third party external drive in the Mac OS.

If your ‘data loss’ drive is an internal SSD (running under Mac OS or Windows 7 and higher), and, if the ‘TRIM’ command is enabled it is impossible to recover your deleted file(s). SSD’s differ from conventional hard disk drives in the way they handle file deletion. Unlike standard mechanical HDDs, that leave files intact until they are eventually overwritten, SSD’s utilize the ‘TRIM’ command, that permanently deletes the data from the SSD Flash Memory, leaving no chance of recovery.

We publish our competitive Flat Rate Pricing up front, this way you can decide if our recovery service is cost effective for your situation. We provide a comprehensive Interactive Recovery Report and a Flat Rate quote in advance, so you’ll know exactly which files have been recovered and the total cost of the recovery before you make any payment. 

The only additional cost is your purchase of a Return Media Device. You can supply your own Return Media Device (recommended) to eliminate any additional cost.

Flat Rates are preferable, and make it much easier to decide if the data recovery cost is worthwhile. Compare our flat rates to the fees other data recovery businesses charge for the same service, and see the SAVINGS for yourself. Our case volume enables us to keep the cost down, and pass the savings along to our customers. Experience you can trust!

NO HIDDEN FEES OR CHARGES! We only charge one of the flat rates shown here. Period.

We process all cases in the order they are received. Please let us know if your case is an emergency. If you’re facing a deadline we will do everything possible to get your case completed on time.

Turnaround time depends on several factors. The most common being the storage capacity of your device and the amount of data stored on it, and, whether or not your device is fully functional.

In most cases the typical turnaround time for healthy disk drives (under 1TB in size) is 48 hours. For cases anticipated to exceed the 48 hour turnaround time, we will issue daily updates via email detailing the progress made on your case.


The most important part of shipping your hard drive is protecting it from shock due to rough handling during shipment. We recommend at least two inches of bubble wrap completely wrapped around your device, shipped in a properly sized box so that the bubble wrapped hard drive cannot move around inside the box.

It’s worth the extra effort to find the right sized box to protect your device. Once packed, make sure your device is “tight” in side the box. Give it a shake to make sure the device is not moving inside box.

Once your shipping box is tight, feel free to use the carrier of your choice. We accept deliveries from USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

All recovered files are returned using the clients preferred Return Media Device type. Common Return Media Devices are HDD, SSD, or USB Flash Drive. To avoid extra cost, most clients include their own Return Media Device at the time of mail in.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. If you are located near Norwalk CA or its surrounding communities, we can schedule an on-site service call. We are just minutes away from Anaheim, Cerritos, Lakewood, Downey, Long Beach, and surrounding areas. Please contact us for more info.

Our OFFLINE data lab utilizes state of the art write-block technology. We never write any data to your disk. None whatsoever. We know your data is irreplaceable, and we guarantee we will never overwrite or alter your data in any way. Many cases depend on write-block technology to preserve the chain of evidence. We comply with all data safety standards to ensure your data is safe from accidental deletion or alteration.

We clone your hard drive first, then perform all recovery procedures on the cloned copy.

The use of information collected through our service is limited to the purpose of providing the service for which the Client has engaged PC Data Insights. PCDI does not share any personal or corporate information except for the purposes of providing requested products and services to our clients. Your privacy is maintained in a professional and trustworthy manner, as our business reputation depends on it. All services are performed in our offline data lab to ensure the highest level of privacy and security. As a matter of principle, our data recovery technician is the only employee with access to your data. Our secure storage ensures your device is safe from fire or theft while in our facility.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to recover your data, your device will be returned to you. Under no circumstances will we in any way open, or remove the cover from your hard drive to inspect the inside. If your drive needs to be opened for repair, we will refer you to a different type of recovery lab.

Clients may include a return shipping label when they send their drive in for service, or may email a prepaid return label when their unrecoverable or declined device is ready for return shipment. 

The cost of return shipping for declined or unrecoverable devices is not part of our free diagnostic service! If you decline service, or your device is non-recoverable, you are responsible for the return shipping cost for your device if you want it returned.