Flat Rate Data Recovery

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Affordable Flat Rate Data Recovery

What value can you place on your lost data?

At PC Data Insights your “Quoted Flat Rate” is GUARANTEED!

It’s Simple! No Recovery = No Charge!

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction! Ultra-Fast turnaround time!

Hard Disk Drives

Level 1 HDD Flat Rate:


Healthy Disk Drives

Logical File Corruption

Missing Files or Folders

System Crash Recovery

Accidental Deletions / Quick Format Mistakes

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**

Level 2 HDD Flat Rate:


Failing Disk Drives

Bad Sectors

Hard Drive no longer recognized by O/S

Drive capacity displayed by the O/S is incorrect

Ultra-Safe ‘Write Blocked’ Cloning Process

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**

Flash Media Devices

Level 1 UFD Flat Rate: 


Broken Connector

Logical File Corruption

 This is a temporary fix to recover data!

This is not a USB Flash Drive repair!

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**

Level 2 UFD Flat Rate:


Failed Flash Media Devices 

Flash Device no longer recognized by O/S

Chip-Off Recovery 

(up to 2 chips***)

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**


*Flat Rate Pricing per Single Mail-In Drive *Cost of Return Media Device Not Included.

**Free return shipping included for paid in full recovery cases only.

***Flash media devices requiring ‘chip-off’ of more than 2 NANDs are subject to a surcharge of $50 per each additional NAND.

Clients are responsible for the return shipping cost of all declined, and/or non-recoverable devices.

To avoid additional costs, clients may supply their own donor drive, return media device, or return shipping label. 

In some cases recovered files may be returned via email attachment or download (depending on size). In these cases there is no Return Media Device required.

Most Level 2 cases will require a Return Media Device. The client is responsible for the cost of their Return Media Device. Recovered files will be returned in the form specified by the client: HDD, SSD, or USB Thumb Drive. Clients are welcome to supply their own Return Media Device at the time their data loss drive is submitted for service.

Please read our Service Agreement for complete details.


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