Getting Started

Sending In Your Device For Service

Pre-Shipment Checklist

Sending your device in for service or FREE EVALUATION is as easy as dropping it in the mailbox!

Pack your device tightly so it cannot move around inside your shipping box

Include a description of the problem/cause, and a signed copy of our Service Agreement

Please include all your contact information. Including email, phone, and mailing address

Don’t forget you may include a Return Media Device, and a return shipping label (if desired)


Contact us today to get your PREPAID shipping label!

Most recovery cases require a “Return Media Device” (RMD) aka a replacement storage device, on which, we return your recovered files. Keep in mind, we do not repair your failed storage device, we only recover the data from it. For cases requiring a Return Media Device, the replacement device provided must have a storage capacity that is equal to or greater than the capacity of the drive being submitted for recovery. Once recovery is complete both the original (disassembled) device, and the Return Media Device are returned to the client.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not reassemble failed devices!


If you are shipping a 3.5″ desktop hard drive and matching RMD, we find two drives of this size fit securely in a (free) USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box with enough room for the recommended amount of packing material.

We cannot express strongly enough how important it is to pack your device(s) properly for shipment. Improperly packed items will arrive with more damage caused in transit. Spend the extra time to do it right. Make sure the box is the right size! Don’t try to find the smallest box you can, it will offer the least protection. Bigger box equals better protection as it has more room for bubble wrap! 


USB Flash Drives are susceptible to damage during shipment. If you are shipping a USB Flash Drive, or similarly fragile device, take some precautions to help prevent shipping damage. Never use a paper envelope to ship your thumb drive. If you must use an envelope, use a plastic bubble padded envelope. Tape your USB thumb drive in between two pieces of stiff cardboard and insert them into an appropriately sized envelope to ensure a safe and snug fit before shipping.