HDD Data Recovery

Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drives

Level 1 HDD Flat Rate:


Healthy Disk Drives

 Logical File Corruption 

 Missing Files or Folders

System Crash Recovery

Accidental deletions / Quick format mistakes

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**

Level 2 HDD Flat Rate:


Failing Disk Drives

Bad Sectors

Hard Drive no longer recognized by O/S

Drive capacity shown in O/S is incorrect

Safe ‘Write-Blocked’ Cloning Process

Includes Advance Interactive Recovery Report

Return Shipping Included**

We recover data from healthy and failing Hard Disk Drives using highly specialized industry standard software and hardware solutions.

Most of the Hard Disk Drive recovery cases we see have one of these very common symptoms: 

Missing or accidentally deleted files and folders, or worse, the hard drive is suddenly no longer recognized by any computer.

We Perform Data Recovery the Safest Way Possible!

In all data recovery cases our we first clone your drive using  WRITE BLOCKED cloning hardware. Write-Blocking during the cloning process prevents any data from being written to, or changed, on your original disk drive. Once cloning is complete, your original disk drive is set aside while we perform all the data recovery procedures on the cloned copy. Our process ensures that your failing disk drive will undergo the least amount of stress  possible during the cloning process, at the same time, maintaining data security and/or proper chain of custody.

 How Can You Possibly Clone a Drive that doesn’t work?

We currently use RapidSpar and the RapidNebula diagnostics database. This expert system allows our technician to perform diagnostics and apply automatic firmware fixes and/or optimizations that can help solve even the most difficult Level 2 Data Recovery cases. 

Using RapidSpar we can recover data that was feared to be lost forever!

Just ask any of of clients!

*Flat Rate Pricing per Single Mail-In Drive  *Cost of Return Media Device Not Included.

**Free return shipping included for paid in full recovery cases only.

***Flash Media Devices requiring ‘chip-off’ of more than 2 NAND’s are subject to a surcharge of $50 per each additional NAND.

We DO NOT currently service mechanically failed (clicking) drives.